Utah’s Golden Revolution: Embracing Goldbacks


In today’s world of sound money and precious metals, Utah stands out with a revolutionary move: officially recognizing Goldbacks as legal tender. Utah accepted gold and silver as currency on March 10, 2011, and became the first state after 80 years to make the coins legal tender. The act paved the way for other U.S. states to pursue similar legislation.

Why Goldbacks Matter

Created with remarkable designs, Goldbacks are works of art. They’re highly sought after by collectors similar to stamps or other gold bullion collectables. Yet, it’s their convenient physical form that really sets them apart from other precious metal products because they look and feel like cash notes. In 2011, Utah passed House Bill 317, championing Goldbacks’ use in everyday transactions. This step diversifies Utah’s financial scene and offers a tangible method for residents to safeguard their assets.

Goldbacks: Stability Meets Artistry

With economic uncertainties around fiat currency and inflation, Goldbacks offer a steadfast option, their value anchored in gold’s time-tested reliability. Beyond a transactional medium, their detailed designs capture the essence of art in currency, making them collector’s treasures.

Be Part of the Change

Utah’s embrace of Goldbacks could pave the way for broader acceptance. Other states are also embracing Goldbacks. In fact, Goldbacks are just as popular outside of Utah in states all across the country. If their blend of financial security and artistry intrigues you, dive deeper. Visit our goldatm.com ATMs where you can conveniently buy Goldbacks with cash and other states coming soon or browse our website to discover and acquire Goldbacks through our online Gold trade desk.

Embrace the future of currency and join Utah’s Goldback revolution.

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